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Africap Middle East

With our expert and dedicated team of seasoned professionals we advise the world’s most successful individuals, families and institutions reach their most ambitious goals by our powerful financial insights. Our longevity transcends from the recognition that we are more than a bespoke financial institution.

We offer a diverse range of services, catering to all types of clients across the world: Family office, Asset Management, Asset and Tax Planning, Management Mandate, Investment Advice.

“Tomorrow Begins today ”


Our Purpose

Putting our clients’ interest first by offering them best quality services. We exist to ensure the protection of our client's interest.

Our Core Business

We offer wealth management services, with a special focus on management advice to private and institutional clients.
Our major asset is our trim-size professional team that allows us to deliver optimum expertise and excellence.

Our Beliefs

To us, private banking means protecting and ensuring the growth of our clients' assets.
Moreover, private banking is above all based on a unique relationship that relies on mutual trust between the client and their asset manager. That is why we remain close to our clients to provide relevant advice.

Our Values

- The client is our boss;
- Work is the only source of wealth and individual and corporate growth;
- Courtesy, humility, education, and information underpin progress;
- Equity ensures social cohesion and progress;
- Common sense prescribes decision making by consensus;
- Time invested in education is most profitable;
- Innovation is the drive force of progress;
- Experience is the sum of one’s mistakes: an unintentional error is considered a learning experience; an error repeated is a fault that is harmful to the general interest. No staff earns appreciation for breaching the company's fundamental principles.

Our Work Cultures

Africap’s work culture relies on two principles:

- Ensuring the physical integrity of our staff;
- Promoting the dignity of our staff.

The daily intellectual contributions of our staff fuel our drive.

We value teamwork and the pooling of individual knowledge to achieve progress.

We are convinced that our staff are passionate about their work and share the same enthusiasm for their involvement in the organisation.

We strive to innovate to enable our clients not only to make rapid progress, but also to improve the advice we offer them by combining creativity and quality to optimise their assets.

Our Philosophy of Action

Our investment policy is simple, audacious, flexible, and transparent. It operates on the following main principles :

Convictions :

We believe that, while ensuring appropriate diversification, management must depend on true investment convictions, both in the selection of instruments and in the classification of assets.

Prudence :

We believe long-term performance depends on the protection of capital in the event of a strong adverse market movement. That is why we take market conditions and opportunities into consideration at all times while maintaining a diversification of the assets entrusted to us.


Financial markets are becoming increasingly volatile and complex. In such a context, the ability to adapt becomes essential to generate positive returns over the long term. Thanks to its broad experience, our management team reacts quickly to market movements, limiting the negative effects and discovering new investment opportunities.


We consider that trust one of the fundamental values that must define our relationship with our clients. We are committed to continually earn our clients’ trust through our approach to management, management structure, and the portfolio make-up.

Our Responsibility


As a responsible financial company, we make it a point of honour to avoid any conflict of interest. We preserve our integrity in the same way that we respect the integrity of our partners.


Security is ensured through the major strategic orientations of our institution. Africap does not engage in investments on its own account with the funds of its clients.


Africap has a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in investment and asset management. The flexibility of this team allows it to react quickly by offering each client tailor-made solutions.

Investment Committee

Our investment committee operates under the supervision of its Chairman. It is in charge of drawing up Africap’s investment policy, which is translated by the management of our mandates. The policy is accessible to our clients, in a transparent manner, through our publications.

To achieve our dual objective (capital preservation and growth), our management process revolves around five main areas:

Macro-economic analysis

Our analysis takes into account macroeconomic factors for determine the state of the real economy and financial markets. The analysis allows us to develop a stable strategic allocation in time and which only evolves in the event of major changes in our perceptions and forecasts.

Risk Management

In Africap, we consider that risk analysis requires total integration within the management process in order to respond instantaneously to market trends and the flow of new information. This allows us to quickly adapt our portfolios in order to reduce, as much as possible, the adverse impact of extreme market trends.

Backup Loans

Africap serves clients seeking additional capital without having to sell their existing securities portfolio. We negotiate a loan for them with our retail banking partners with only their assets as collateral.

Technical analysis

Our tools for analysing market trends (long and short term) and for identifying shorter term investment themes allow us to define a tactical allocation. The main objective is to exploit the market opportunities identified and/or to reduce certain risks (partial hedging of portfolios). These analyses also enable us to generate specific investment ideas according to the concrete opportunities offered by the markets. The ideas are available to our clients.

Account Management and Custody Services

Our clients can entrust us with the management of their accounts opened in banking institutions and in all international currencies, as well as with the following banking services:

  • . Current accounts
  • . Cash deposits and withdrawals
  • . Private accounts
  • . Cheque booklets
  • . Investment accounts
  • . Credit and debit cards
  • . Securities deposits
  • . Transfers

Africap Partners

Africap has set up a network of partners chosen for their skills and reputation in target areas.